Yoga Bio

I started my yoga practice in 2012 on my weight loss journey. After gaining and losing 100 lbs. My dedication to my yoga practice is very important. Along the way I found more of myself, in self healing scoliosis, overcoming pain and bone density low levels, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic depression & anxiety, holistic approach to living- getting off of pharmaceutical drugs, help healing through sexual and abuse trauma, PTSD, and birthing Trauma, divorce, stretching and going upside down in ways I could never imagine.

I have suffered (transforming into Love) a lot of trauma and pain in my life, from death, separation, adoption, rape, abuse, self inflictions. My parents’ answer to my depression and anxiety as a young preteen and teenager was to take me to psychologists, and therapists, putting me on a concoction of medications, that enabled my body to shut down more, and never helped my depression and anxiety issues. Through many traumas, with no real help from psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, parents, prescription medications, and treatments….I had to find another way to heal continuously, that wouldn’t break me apart more and more. I found meditation. I found soul searching, diving deep into my subconscious shadows, and ready to face my own self. I found yoga eventually, and it changed my whole perspective on life.

Before my first pregnancy I met a monk named Li, from Chung Tai Zen Center, and he become one of my first teachers, learning buddhist traditions and specializing in children and adult meditation. I found yoga through finding ways to loose weight from my first pregnancy. I dove into learning about the energetics of food through Ayurvedic Medicine. During my third pregnancy, I finished my yoga training and love to involve my children in their practice, including power flows, Buti yoga, chakra and crystal healing, acro yoga, chanting, and meditation.

I believe in the power and mantra “I am,” practicing self love, dedication to a self yoga practice, breath of fire, helping to make yourself become more self aware. Going through the blood, sweat, and tears of losing 100 lbs., I love to incorporate cardio, core work, buti, and power yoga, kundalini, chakras, qigong, fascia proprioception and meridian line healing in one. I love to teach my friends, family, children, elderly, pregnant woman, and anyone suffering from the belief of pain or illness.


I have loved every moment of becoming a yoga teacher and the growth of guiding myself and others through their own practice. My love for yoga continues to grow as my own practice grows with all of you. I love to learn from my yogi friends. We are never done learning. This life is our journey, enjoy the process and healing over and over again.


Certifications/Workshops/Trainings Completed

  • Buddhist Meditation trained for 2 years by Li Huang at Chung Tai Zen Center of Houston. Taught children’s meditation for 1 year afterwards at Chung Tai Zen Center with Shifu Li.
  • Graduated from 200 RYT Life Power YTT (Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Yin/Surrender, Be/Meditation, Chair Yoga, Partner Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Flow, Flow Guided, Root (foundations)) in December 2017, from Brittany Rollins and Hollie Mathis from Lifetime Fitness in Sugar Land, TX.
  • My continuing education started September 30th- October 28th 2018 with 16 CECE toward Yoga Alliance, training in: power vinyasa, psychology behind power yoga, modifications/adjustments for pregnancy or injuries, and Baptiste Yoga. Training from New Age Yoga & Meditation in Stafford, TX.
  •  2018-2019 Chakra Balancing workshops and ceremonies.
  • Hosted many Chakra Healing Workshops throughout Houston, TX- 2018-Current
  • Completed with April Fort- Training for Grand Opening at Baybrook Lifetime, 3 day intensive, November 2018. SOL training and certified October 2019.
  • Completed in March 2019 my Buti Yoga Certification with Susan White, Master Trainer! Attended Buti Master Class with Bizzie Gold and Acosia Red Elk, April 2019.
  • 300 Hr training including Crystal Yoga, SUP (stand up paddle board) yoga, Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing, Aerial Yoga Level 1 & 2, Kids & Prenatal Yoga, and SUP Yoga,  Advanced Assisting/Adjusting, and Kundalini Yoga. March of 2019 with other 500 hr ERYT yoga teachers from Houston.
  • Taught 6 200 hour teacher trainings 2018- 2020
  • NASM certified Nutritionist. Specialize in plant based. July 2020
  • 300 hr certificate Yoga. Psyche. Soul for Mental health with Ashley Turner. LMFT, Foundations of Yoga, meditation, neuroscience, depth psychology, and shadow work. Trauma informed yoga. Trainings from Ashley Turner, MA, LMFT from Yoga. Psyche. Soul. – Wellness Business Bootcamp, Master Class, Psychological Immune System, The Wisdom of Anxiety with Sheryl Paul, PhD., Tantra Healing, The Science of Anxiety Relief through Yoga, Therapeutic Tools for Transformation- October 10, 2020
  • White Tiger QiGong – 8 trigrams, elements of nature, 5 animal qigong, January 2021-Tevia Feng
  • Certified Relationship Coach. Loveology University 500 hrs. Dr. Ava Cadall February 2021
  • Medicine of Light-Facilitator Training March 2021- Universal Shamans of the New Tomorrow
  • Pachamama Medicine Journey Facilitator and Integration Specialist 2020-Current
  • Holding Sister Circles and Oneness Circles since January 2021
  • Ordained Minister- Universal Life Church- August 2021
  • Supporter of the Seri Tribe in Punta Chueca
  • Founded the Oneness Circles Non-Profit Foundation 2022
  • Founded Udjat Yoga School 2022