All is a Wheel

“Every living being is an engine geared to the wheelwork of the universe. Though seemingly affected only by its immediate surrounding, the sphere of external influence extends to infinite distance.”

~ Nikola Tesla

Artist: Athanasius Kircher

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It’s all within.
In is outside.
Outside is inside.
All around,
No separation.
Inside work is the outside work reflection.
The more realizations “inside,” outside manifestation is aligned with Source, showing as Synchronicities,
Realizing these is the Beauty of Life!
Integration of the Realizations,
Living it,
Being it,
Loving it,
It is all of Life,
Doing it,
Doing is Being,
Being is Doing,
It’s all the same,
No matter what you do,
It aligns you with Source,
Do you want to tap in consciously?
Everything is Bufo,
Everything is Creator,
Wake up,
You’re in Heaven on Earth,
Create it,
Beyond the veil of war, hate, depression, suppression, all of a state of mind,
Beyond the illusions is the “state of being,”
Being Love
Being in Love,
Aligned with All,
Content with All,
Knowing all is on Purpose and aligned for your highest good,
Your path,
The calling is already here
Go sit with self,
Be in Love,
All is well,
All is perfect and divine,
You’ll, we’ll all hear more.
No more reading,
No more doing,
Just Be,

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I am the Rain

When everything started to make sense.
The more I pray to the elements. The spirit of the elements speak to me more and more everyday.

Thank you to Pachamama
I am the RAIN
I am the WATER!
I talk and pray to my waters and the waters around me and within me listen to my prayers.
When the Universe responds back to you, and you see, witness, and be a part of the missing puzzle piece to make all life complete it’s infinite nature…it’s a sight and feeling unlike all I have ever felt before…
The synchronicities that led me through this weekend will never go unnoticed. This was just the beginning.
One of my most profound experiences was when it rained for me, a couple months ago…everything in life had clicked…I understood the meaning of Life. The Celebration.
The Connection.
The Prayers.
The Deeper you Immerse yourself into the Earth, you become ONE with the earth and all living beings.
The second time it Rained for me, I felt the power of my light take all darkness away and cleansed the land and the people, all living beings and creatures, all of life…I felt the Joy of the Unknown to tap into my Power and the Power of the Universe, Pachamama, Father, Spirit, The Mystery, Great Spirit, Everything…there are no words to describe the connection with Water.
I am Mama Cocha
All elements
All life
I cleanse all darkness in the name of Light and Love.

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Roses are You

Roses help those remember who they are.
The Rose is You.
Take care of your Rose.
Your Rose is your loved ones.
Care for her.
Love her.
Water her.
Tend to her.
Feed her.
Trim her.
Take care of her space.
Her limbs.
Her thorns.
She still needs you to care.
Your Rose is always there for you.
You are the Rose.
Remember who you are Brothers and Sisters.
It’s so simple, and so easy to forget in a world with distractions.
Focus on You!
There’s no other need.
Listen to your heart.
You need nothing outside of you.
Everything on the outside is manifested from you.
You are it!
You’re it!
Believe it!
You are the Earth,
We are One Being
One Heart.
In a world with millions of Roses.
All the Roses make one Rose.
Love your petals and peel your layers.
Strip your Ego.
Shed the past.
Walk with Beauty.
Sing with Beauty.
Sing the Song of Life.
Everyone Sing!
Everyone Dance!
Yes you were meant to!
Believe beautiful Soul you are worth everything!!!!!!


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