Love is the Universal Language

Love is the Universal Language.
Light is the Universal Language.

English is made up and here to separate your life.
Words separate our connection to the earth and to everything.
Silence is all we need.
We can communicate without words.
We can Express ourselves without words.
We can heal without words.
Yes, Spirit likes to hear our prayers allowed.
Make sure what you’re saying outloud, that you are intentional with your words, because every thought and action is a prayer to your universe.
Words are a way to express the Ego.
There is no need for words.
The Ego wants others to Understand.
There’s no need to try to make others Understand.
They either do, or do not.

The Universal Language is Love.
I choose to Love in all.

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Thank you Bufo
Thank you Source
Thank you Everyone
You are me,
I am you,
We are One.
Everything is One.
This separation you see and feel is an illusion,
Our minds make this up,
What we think is separate,
Is actually all one in the same,
All elements aren’t even individualized…
They are all parts to One Whole.
Your eyes create illusions.
If you have glasses, take them off,
God gave you gift to see the Truth!!!

You can do no separation…without glasses,
Take them out,
I’ve had 3 corneal ulcers from contacts…
I stopped wearing and have worn glasses again for last 8 years.
With stopping use of contacts and practicing with SANANGA medicine for the eyes…
My eyes have healed….so much more than I thought I would be able to…
I used to have a -3.75 vision, now -1.00 vision.
I can see clearer, brighter colors, my visions through Spirit are clearer, I’m able to See the Truth!

Thank you Pachamama for all your medicines. Animals and Plants are us! We are the medicine! They are the medicine. We have a choice to heal or hurt. I choose to HEAL! With love and light, all of my being I believe that Bufo may help you find your divine path. It’s helped me and many others to Remember Who They Are again! To Connect to Source, Light, Love. It can help you let go of Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, and so much more.

The experiences that we have are not attached to us. We create an illusion of identity that it defines us. It does not. You are pure light and nothing more and nothing less. You are perfect as you are. Shed your skin and see your soul! We are One, Brothers and Sisters. Here to raise awareness in the New World that’s coming for our next generation. We’re here to support the rise of light of Heaven on Earth, as it is already here and now, let’s celebrate as ONE.

Bufo interviews coming soon!

Dm for private ceremony or group ceremonies.🐸🌈✨

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Are you paying attention to the synchronicity‘s that are happening to you every day? There are no such thing as coincidences. Everything is for a reason. Are you learning your lessons? Are you listening? Are you tuning in? Tune in here now.

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Freedom of You!

Freedom is the natural consequence of knowing who and what you really are. — Jessica Alix Hesser ⁠

🌻 When you take a moment to tune into your center, soften and let the noise quiet, you can access that sweet space of surrender. ⁠

🐣 It may not be easy… but it’s worth it. The deeper you breathe into this space and embrace the real you, the easier it becomes. ⁠

👁️ We all have to keep living regardless of what is going on around us. No matter what you go through in life, every single day brings a different experience. Some days you thrive, some days you just learn to survive. ​⁠

🚀 Let go of your attachment to a specific outcome and enjoying the adventure. Get go into the unknown. Trust. ⁠

🌈 This is when you realize you’re perfect just the way you are. ⁠

🎇 You are the Infinite Soul expressing through a human experience. Life is to be lived. With ups and downs. Access the freedom of knowing your True Self. ⁠

🧨 Live without depending on any condition⁠
�This is freedom. This is liberation. 🔥🔥🔥⁠

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Quote found via @sarahjaneperman ⁠

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We are Source!

Can we go back to source?!
We are Source!

Where nothing is but pure light?
Where we didn’t separate but lay in each other’s arms without feeling any touch?
Floating somewhere before the existence of stars and galaxies?
Where infinity was nothing but a state of being?
Can we go back to not having thoughts and bodies?
To just be energy and love?
I want to feel as light as the reflection of sun rays on ocean waves.
I want to go back to my deepest source and remember the things I forgot when I came here.
I want to feel that I am anything and everything at once.
I want to remember that I am the universe expanding in slow motion as a human in this lifetime. Just a glimpse in this infinity.
I remember. So let’s go to the root together?

The stars are smiling:
“In order to remember you need to break free from the person you are now.“

I smile back:
Welcome to my rebirth and thank you for the reflection. Thank you for undressing me and covering me in moonlight so I can dance in my very own galaxy.

This is a reflection of me. I honor you. Thank you for sharing.
Text by @aylinslight
Art by @anniestegg

We are Heaven

For God, who is in heaven, is in man. Where else can heaven be, if not in man? As we need it, it must be within us. Therefore it knows our prayer even before we have uttered it, for it is closer to our hearts than to our words.
—Paracelsus, Opus paramirum, I:ix
Artwork by Sammy Slabbinck


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Let your Anger Go!

Ones fear can get the best of them.
Ones anger can get the best of them.
What do you do in those situations?
Do you react out of anger right back, or frustration, or pain?
Take a step back.
See that they’re really talking to themselves…
When they say anything it’s a reflection of them, they are their own mirror, their own universe that they created.

To have no fear,
Is to have no anger,
Is to have love
Self love
Self respect

Accept all as true and perfect.
Raise your hands up on the roller coaster ride of life! Ride the waves.

Continue to show love for those who don’t understand, they just don’t understand.

Some take the Truth as an insult, or something personally directed to them, what the Truth does is it directly challenges the Ego. If the Ego is challenged and the human doesn’t know how to check their own Ego, they could take Truth as a personal attack.

We have the power ourselves.
Don’t give your power away to another.
When you ask everything…why, what, where, when….
You are questioning the Universe
You are questioning Yourself
Have no doubt
Have no fear
Continue to self love
Show love
That’s the only way any will learn.

Learn out of love, not out of fear or pain.

They are great lessons but look deeper behind the fear and pain and see where Love takes place.

Love is an everyflowing energy that never dies.

Love surrounds you.

You are Love.
You are Light.
You are Powerful!
You are Brave!
Remember who you are!!!

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I Release Control

Raise your hands up on the roller coaster ride of life! Go with the flow! Be excited for the new beginnings!

I release control
and surrender to the flow of love
That will heal me
I release control
and surrender to the flow of love
That will heal me
I release control
and surrender to the flow of love
That will heal me

Song: I release control
By: Alexa Sunshine Rose

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We are all the Elements

You are all the elements.
They are all in One.
How often do you pray to the earth,
The heart of the earth,
How often do you pray to the water,
The grandmothers that have held tradition for eons.
How often do you pray to your fire,
Your grandfathers who have protected you,
How often do you pray to the wind,
Your ancestors and ancient ones,
The ones who come before us and the ones who will come after us, our children’s children…?

When you pray to the elements,
You honor yourself,
And remember who you are,

Do you know how to build a home,
Filter your own fresh running water,
Make your own fire,
And transform all the elements into air!?

The earth and all elements teach us many lessons, if we pay attention.
It’s easy to get caught up in human chaos drama, but we still have to remember who we are and to pray to what gives us life…

The earth,
The trees,
All connect to your Consciousness

Your understanding of the elements will transform into a conscious understanding of yourself.

All of creation is medicine.
The sacreds have taught me many lessons, I continue to learn, I continue to shed my past, I see my infinite self, my infinite nature, I see your infinite self, it’s time to wake up and remember who you are.

Start working with the elements of creation and honor yourself, to honor others, to honor this life, to remember your ancient infinite self, to honor the whole collective.

Crickets, cicadas, frogs, and toads taught me to sing.
Snake taught me to shed my past,
Mother Jaguar taught me to pray to the water and to protect our medicine space.
Our Ancient Ones taught me how we need to raise our next generations.
The Great Eagle Condor taught me how our light shines on others and how to spread love and awareness.
Mother Earth, Pachamama taught me to honor all life.
Father Sky taught me how to pray, how to receive, how to show up, how to honor, I feel the kisses from the rain from our Grandfathers, from Source in special moments that remind me that I am connected at all times, I just need to tap and tune into that and my frequency. The frequency of the earth, of all life…

We are One .
I am ancient.
I am.
You are.

I am a Tree

I am a tree
I am nothing else
Nothing more
A tree is everything
I am the roots
I am the connection
I am the web
I am weaving my web
I can feel the strings being pulled,
I am a spider
I am all animals
All living souls
Are me,
I am them,
I can feel my roots expanding
I can feel my roots changing directions,
Connecting deeper

My roots connect to the
Center Earth Star
The heat of a 1000 suns
At the core of the earth my soul magnetically connects to the energy of Pachamama,
She nourishes me,
She heals me,
She gives me what I need.

I am a tree,
I am the earth,
I am water,
I am Fire,
I am air,
I am all elements,
All elements are One,
Every material object you touch and see,
Even your own skin!
Your own body inside and out, is made of all elements,
And again all elements are one element,
The separation of the 4 elements is an illusion,
They all need each other and work with each other to make the other,
Without 1, there would be none,
Without ONE,
There would be None,
No us,
Because there is One,
We are!
All we have to do is honor the earth,
We give back and receive…
You may think your 9-5 job is serving you…
Is it?
Are you creating an illusion that you’re giving back?
What are you giving back?
When you give back you receive 10 fold.

The more you let go,
The more you will receive,
You’ll only find out when you actually do this.
And to it’s fullest extent.

What service are you doing for others?
Is your service for others, igniting their souls purpose?

I am a tree.
I am the earth.
I am nothing more,
And everything at the same time,
You are a tree!

The trees are my ancestors,
They’re yours too.
Every tree on this earth,
Every tree on other planets, other lifetimes, other galaxies,
Yes there is and are,
Think of all the trees they have cut down..
For what..
For an external need that we feel we need to validate out of our own ego…

The trees are the stars.
They have no bounds,
The stars are your ancestors,
They are with you always,
They are always around you,
They are infinite,
To the star nations we honor you,
All who come before us and those who come after us,

We are one,
I will keep reminding you of your infinite self