Bufo Consciousness Podcast

What is Bufo Consciousness?

Could awareness & understanding Consciousness be the answer to harmony for the entire world and all generations to come?

Consciousness spreads faster than light and sound.

Understanding Bufo Consciousness/Love Consciousness/God/Krishna/Christ/Buddha/Consciousness is all One.

You are the Unknown.

Email bufoawareness@gmail.com for integration guidebook if you are preparing to receive this Sacred Medicine or have already received. Sending Blessings.

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“I was experiencing some self doubt being here at home all this time and not doing “the work” out there in the world. But it is here that I am doing the work. As I grow this human into pure love. The energy is radiating through the web of consciousness. The toad keeps showing up for me with lessons and I finally see the toad as the messenger of the Universe. I understand on such a deeper level. Everything is so fucking intertwined and beautifully weaved. It’s perfection. Imperfectly perfect.” – H

“I wanted to share that my depression and and anxiety is almost non existent . I used to wake up dreading it. My depression was literally slowly killing me. I was very suicidal before this ceremony. My eyes are wider . I feel like I woke up for the first time in decades. I let go of so much grief I was carrying around . My boyfriend said it’s like o left a back pack there at the cabin lol.  My daughter is more affectionate than ever. She used to slap my face because I was so dissociated ! Now I Am looking at her with a new outlook and she notices it she’s not even 2 yrs old” – O

Deep within my heart

Deep within my soul

I can feel the fire burning

Sometimes I lose control

Infinite Path

Surrender to the Whole

Lessons of life can often take a toll

You’ve got to take time

Remember we are whole

Oneness of heart, Oneness of all

Reach into yourself

You have to believe 

This Infinite Space

We live on this Earth 

We work to survive

But when our energies unite

We can combine and achieve Infinite Harmony

Transcend the planes of this reality – R

We are One

I happened upon this painting that symbolized “multidimensional eternal bliss” – that which has been invoked in me by the infinite love and healing power that is Bufo and has been expressed through joyous laughter. My soul tribe got to experience this with me during my process. The love that radiates from them is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before. I no longer feel alone, for I have an amazing soul tribe and Source within and all around me. We are one! We are bliss! Multidimensional and eternal. 

The bliss I have been blessed with has even made its way into my dreams in which were filled with joy, love, singing and dancing rather than the darkness that used to torment my mind and soul. Just before I woke I dreamt of not only singing and dancing along with Rising Appalachia as they played “I am resilient. I trust the movement. I negate the chaos

Uplift the negative. I’ll show up at the table. Again and again and again. I’ll close my mouth and learn to listen” , but I played instruments along with them – something I have aspired to do for so long but lacked the inner peace, inspiration, and confidence I needed to teach myself to play again. In my dreams I now see myself doing the things that connect me with my highest self and inspire me. I see myself doing things with inspiration, joy, confidence, and excitement – things I have aspired to do for so long! In my dreams, my own dreams are coming true! 

I can finally testify that I am healed, I am whole, and I am blessed! The gratitude I feel for such transcendence is beyond anything I can put into words. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


Like a a hatchling taking its first flight out of the nest,

Like a fawn taking its first steps,

Like a pup taking its first swim,

Like a new born baby fresh out of the womb,

I am a whole new being with a pure new life perspective.

Like I was born again,

I am a whole new being free of conditioning. 

Free of trauma, ailments, and self-limitations imposed on me by the darkness that cast a shadow over my previously life.

I am free of my previously conditioned state of being,

Free from the ideologies and societal constructs that are geared toward control of the mind and way of being.

I am free from the blockages that previously hindered my spiritual growth. 

Like my previous life, my way of being is a distant memory accompanied by unforgettable valuable life-long lessons.

I am free from everything that does not serve me. 

Free from the blinders of my intuition and silencers of Spirit. 

I am free from self-doubt and misguidance.

I rejoice! 

For I am healed, and I am whole!

For I have been born again, with a deep connection with Source and my Highest Self. 

For I can finally live with true joy and peace,

with love and light exuding from me. I am radiant!

And for all of this, I have infinite gratitude.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

I am blessed!

• A testimony from my highest self, my true inner being 


1. What led you to Bufo tell me about your journey and synchronicities. – I sat with Ayahuasca 4 times, the last time having been with a facilitator who just didn’t resonate with how I respected the medicine. I saw multiple red flags before the ceremony but disregarded them because I had not learn self boundaries or about vetting the shaman yet. After that night I went home with a lot of fear fully activated and I wasn’t able to be alone, be in the dark, I was blurring the lines between the dimensions, I wanted to “go home” because the fear was so exhausting. So I was recommended to sit with Bufo for the first time with Madhu and Teo.

2. Tell me about your experience/s with Bufo. The first time was the most healing Experience with Bufo. I was able to access codes that were within my body/dna that did not belong. Where did I acquire them? I don’t know, but I knew they were the codes of depression. I was able to send my life force to the coding which dissolved them. With the help of 4 ayahuasca ceremonies that taught me the language of the universe and reminded me of what we really are to our core, Bufo assisted me In healing depression from my experience. In other ceremonies, I am always reminded that there is no story.. no separation of things or people. There is just a deep knowing that this experience is constantly moving, flowing, changing, but it doesn’t really matter what it looks like in the physical realm… my soul is creator and there is nothing outside of that. There is nothing to be outside or inside of. Sometimes that state of nirvana has caused panic and fear from my ego structure but it’s always the aspects of myself that I haven’t embraced or fully loved/Integrated. Bufo just reminds me there is no where to go and nothing to do. 

3. Has Bufo helped you in any way? Absolutely. It’s such an ancient, if not the most ancient, energy that it’s allowed me to heal and grow from the beginning of growth. Everything is happening right now, so if you view time in that manner as stacked upon itself, then if I had a childhood wound within my genome then it mirrors a wound from the “childhood” of creation and Bufo has helped me we’ve that understanding into my consciousness. Everything is just a fractal of the whole and this knowing allows me to flow and know / remember myself more. 

4. What do you believe Bufo does for you? For me, bufo brings me to the oldest/highest frequency of myself. Free of all bondages, attachments, words, pains, shames, even concepts. Now with that said, it can be easily confused as being healed when one experiences this version of themselves. I confused that at first. I was gifted the truth and let myself think all of the aspects of myself that held me back from my joy were gone. I was healed of my sicknesses. A few years into Integration and I have been able to see clearly that bufo did not dissolves those aspects. It showed me my potential but the amount of energy it would take to hold that frequency within this physical body is either impossible or takes decades of mystery school level of mastery. So I go back to the same self I was with the life force that is Bufo circulating through my meridians allowing me the grace to make choices in my everyday life for my betterment. I can always remember what my purpose is by loving everything the way my highest self loves everything.

5. Do you think it could help others, why? I know that everyone’s realities meet where they’re meant to. I don’t believe there are any mistakes. If a persons experience called in Bufo, then it was that way for a reason and they were ready for it. Is it going to look nice in everyone’s life? Absolutely not. The more attachments a person has, the messier life can become after the ceremony. That being said, if someone is not aware of how to surrender to the flow of life then I would recommend they do some more diving in that practice before choosing to sit with Bufo but I also know Bufo can cause that understanding to flood the body spontaneously. This type of question about Bufo always makes me feel silly because Spirit has taught me there is no control so to advise anyone to do or not do something is fruitless and

6. How have you integrated this knowingness into your daily life? The energies are so powerful that the true understandings can only exist in the higher realms which once trickled down Into into the crown, body, and mind are very subtle. Almost like the veil slips or thins every once in a while. I get a remembrance of that Bufo space, almost an anxious feeling that this is all planned anyways and the soul will expand no matter what it looks like to this body. It’s eased a lot of my suffering knowing that I am creator and all situations can be changed, I’m no longer attached to the stories that Leslie was given or chose, I didn’t learn everything I know within my ceremonies but I can give credit to Bufo for expanding my mind, activating deep wells within my consciousness that I was able to further turn on within my day to day life along with the help of other master plant teachers. 

7. Last words of wisdom you want to share. So much and nothing at all. I could give me love by giving advise I wished I had but I know if I had it, I either wouldn’t listen or I wouldn’t have made the choices that made me become who I am. I know peoples journeys are happening as they’re supposed to and no interference will ever change it for the better or worse. -L
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