Chakra Healing Book!


I have learned a lot of tools through training and a lot on my own journey that will help you. Some people might keep this all to themselves, but the knowledge we can share to help heal others is more important. Share this knowledge in good faith, use it for yourself, take what you want out of it into your daily life.


The book explains about chakras, how they are connected with your body, Meridian lines, the spinal column, under-active/over-active/balanced chakras, Mudra’s, mantras, meditations, yoga flows, Yin Yoga, and a guided meditation, and so much more.


I have faith and confidence in putting this book out there, and spreading the knowledge, to share how you can self heal. I trust that you would come to one, or many of my yoga classes, to see and feel the experience in person.


Sneak Peak Video on my Chakra Healing Book!

Chakra Healing E-Book=$40

Printed Chakra Healing Book= $50

Email if you would like to purchase book, I will send my info for payment, and email you the book!



“Reading & Journaling tonight!!!! Thank you for this amazing tool! I have learned so much in just the first few pages! – TR

“I have this book the illustrations are so beautifully curated. I can’t believe the amount of time, knowledge, and devotion this must’ve went into preparing this manual, so worth the value xoxo.” – SA

“This book is beautiful! So much info, easy to understand and straight to the point. Love it.- TW

“Thank you @leefitlife for the gorgeousness! Truth and hope always prevail.” -MS

“I love your book seriously it is so comprehensive and easy to understand!”- JT

“Blessed to see who is on their healing journey!” -IS

“I thanked the universe today for sending me a great teacher today.”- JG

Thank you all for your feedback! Keep it coming. Any advice on the next edition or what else you would like to see? If you have questions let me know. Chakra Healing book is at $40. Send me a message if you would like one! Thank you all for your blessings. Love and Light always. 😘

This book is used by Inga Seals Reiki Master Energy Healing Immersive Training Program. If anyone else would like to set up a contract to have my book used in your training, please email me at Thank you! It is also great for those going through yoga teacher training programs or any holistic healing approach.