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Welcome to the Evolved ONE Circle.
We are one.
We are all created equal.
We are all lights of energy.
We are all here to lift and raise the conscious collective in LOVE.
I thought our sisters needed a place to call home, to share, to love, to be in union with the feminine.
All the while these feminine beauties are leaving their loved ones and family to find that oneness!
Which doesn’t make sense!!!!
We are one!
So how can we be ONE if we are separating us all!?
I understand that we all need alone time, and we all need time to connect with those who we feel most connected with. We will still be giving that chance, without separating or leaving out the collective.
How can we continue to keep uplifting the feminine energy if we keep leaving out the masculine energy and our children!?
If you look closer..we are all the elements as one. We are the masculine, we are the feminine, we are all children!
We will be holding space for every person who needs this space.
We will have a Sister circle, a Brother Circle, and a Children’s Circle.
We will start off all as ONE.
We will go into smaller groups so that we can have more time to connect on a deeper level. At the end we will come all as one singing and dancing!
We will be holding a cacao ceremony for us all! This is a time to share, learn, and grow to raise the conscious collective! We are here to SHINE ✨! To let go of the darkness! To surrender to everything that is, and remember that you are made of love, you are love, let’s show some love to all!
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Supported by: @astra_medicine_woman_ @houstonhealingcircles @aguadelavidamuysagrada @leefitlife_evolution

Sisters 💕 we have created powerful Medicine. It’s time to share the love and spread the Medicine to the ones we love most. I am so grateful for all of you; for showing up with your whole heart and soul!

This ONE circle, will be held on Saturday, July 31st at 5p.
We will start off with our circle as ONE at 5:30p, go to into smaller groups and re-connect as ONE at the end.

Arrival 5p
One circle 5:30-6p
3 circles 6-7:30p
One circle 7:45p-8:15/30p
Closing one circle 8:30p
Mingling 8:30-10p

Katherine @aguadelavidamuysagrada will lead us in a cacao ceremony, Andrea @astra_medicine_woman_ will lead us in a sound healing, Tatiana @thelovefaery will lead us in her live music, we will connect with our souls divine purpose and heal ourselves as we heal the collective.

We have a children’s program that I, Lee @leefitlife_evolution will be helping lead, that will be fun, engaging, learning techniques to handle emotions, Mayan calendar arts & crafts, yoga, meditation, mindful games, singing, and dancing!

The Brother circle will be led by my partner Rob, including cacao ceremony, healing techniques, connection, and a Fire! 🔥
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See you on the mat!

Tuesday new class at #greenstreetlifetime
Flow 5:45a

Tuesday @sugarlandlifepoweryoga
Flow Guided 6p
Surrender 7:15p

Wednesday @yoga_baybrook
Root 5:30
Hot Flow 6:45p

Sol 9:15a & Surrender 10:30a

Dm for inquiries, separate page for retreat!

Oregon Astrology and Past Life Healing Retreat with Andrea

Astrology Retreat info: for more information or go to:

Bufo ceremony inquiries must talk with me to see if approved. Inquire at

Sedona Retreat: 9/9-9/13 2021

We’re going back to Sedona, AZ!!! Dm to sign up!

Enter as you are 🎇 Now Accepting 8 reservations to Astra Alchemy 💕 An Astrology and Past Life Healing Retreat, 9.9-9.13 in Sedona, Arizona .Now is the time! If you feel the calling, allow that voice to guide you in FULL TRUST 🙏
With @astra_medicine_woman_

🎇 The retreat includes 5 workshops/ceremonies designed by me to not only learn and practice the art of Astrology but to take it into ceremony and practice shadow work 💕

🎇 Full Vegan Meals Everyday

🎇 Cacao Ceremonies, Morning Yoga with @leefitlife_evolution , Sedona Hikes, Sound Healing, Morning Tea Ceremonies, Past-Life Hypnosis, Star Gazing + more 🌟

🎇 The confidence to read your own and others birth charts, and the tools to potentially make money in the realm of Astrology , or become a ceremonial guide 💞

🎇 A birth chart reading from me

🎇 A follow up call after the retreat, and access to an accountability Astrology Group.

🎇 Certificate of Completion

If you are like me, and have always wanted to dig a little deeper into why you are here and why some things are the way they are, if you’ve always wanted to be an Astrologer, or Ceremony Guide, if you are feeling the calling to make a deep change within and start doing the work, if you have always wanted to go to the Energy vortex in Sedona, or if you have always wanted to join in on one of my retreats, then This retreat is for you 💞

I trust that those who listen, will Join 🙏
Allow me to explain the payment plan option through DM 📩 or check out the full details- Link in Bio for more information or go to:

Email directly as well for questions at

📽📸 @leefitlife_evolution

Bufo Ceremony Sedona: 9/14/21 at 10am

Email for inquiries at

New Mexico Retreat: Look out for next Years date in 2022!


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