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We hold dear to our Hearts this Sacred Medicine that allows you to go deep within yourself to access Ancient Knowledge of the Universe, which is You! If you declare to let go and Surrender to the Beautiful Flow of Life, I encourage you to integrate this in the Now. We are here to facilitate and help you to Integrate this Amazing Medicine into your daily life, to Feel a Life Full-Filled Purpose, Happiness, and Joy…to Let Go of fears, guilt, shame, grief, lies, illusions, and attachments, to fully Embrace the Vibrational Being that you are!

You are the Medicine. We are here to help you Remember who you are. We are just a manifestation of you. You asked the Universe and you received what you asked for, because you are that Powerful! Embrace that you are Love! This is the only vibration that exists, anything else has been made by Ego. The Sacred Medicine of Bufo allows you to recognize “what is Ego” and “what is of my Heart and Spirit,” so that you can start living in your Heart and fulfilling your Dreams a Reality!

To start the Process of Opening awareness for your Ceremony, Connection and Integration is a must. We have an INTAKE FORM, please click and fill out. Please email BufoAwareness@gmail.com for more inquiries.


The energy has been high and optimal for your brighter self to flourish. Allow this energy to guide you in reflection as you reevaluate your belief structures, habits and mentalities. As we finish the last lunar cycle of May, we will pull cards to allow us to reflect, re-grounding our roots in order to continue to grow stronger and more resilient.

“Under this New Moon, I give thank for all my blessings. I ask that all that I have envisioned and dreamed be manifested into my life in a way that is for my highest good. I ask for guidance and taking steps into turning my desires into my reality. May my next steps appear to me with ease. All will unfold in perfect timing. So it is, so it shall be”

Join us May 31st at 7:30PM at Garage Majal ✨

After an intentional Restorative flow, we will pull cards and have community discussion. After which, we will be graced by the Sacred Water ceremony administered by our new friend Lee! 🦋 @evolution_yoga 🦋 once the Reflection Session is complete with a grounding soundbath, please feel free to join us after for a DELISH vegan dinner presented by our friends at Garage Majal!! 🙏🏽💕 @garagemajalhtx

Created by: @unity_yogis

Dm to register!

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Giving back is a part of Life, whether we choose to consciously give back or not, the Universe has us Give Back to Receive. The more we Let Go, the More we Receive, with no expectations! We present the opportunity to Give Back to Garage Mahal, for allowing us to be in this Sacred Space to continue to Grow, Learn, and Evolve in Love as One!


Friday, June 3rd at 10am a crew of Garage Mahal devotees will clean, organize, move materials, help with the garden, garage, and more, to update the Space, to feel more open and aligned with our Growth! First 10 Volunteers to RSVP/attend receive a FREE ticket to the Event happening the next night on Saturday, June 4th at 6pm. We will have a vegan home cooked meal shared in Love! We are so grateful for all who come and help, advance infinite thank yous!

Saturday, June 4th let’s, SEED, GROW, & FLOW! ✨ 6pm starts our event with Breathwork and opening intentions for our Cacao Ceremony led by Lee, moving into planting our seeds into the Garden of Garage Mahal, Growing into a Gentle Vinyasa Flow led by Nataly with DJ Catalyst, transitioning into Evolution Yoga with Lee, DJ Catalyst will lead us through Ecstatic Dance, calming the nervous system into a Deep Savasana Sound Bath. 🧘🏽 This event is $44 a ticket to give back to Garage Mahal. ALL FUNDS are going to the projects into the Garage Mahal.

We thank you infinitely for your self love. As we Grow, so will this Sacred Space and what we put into it. Please RSVP using the link in our bio so we can get a headcount for both days. We can’t wait to see you all and enjoy your presence!🙏🏽


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June 18th Awaken your Senses
A Ceremony of Love for you Sisters.
We Gather as One.
All who feel called to be, you are, I am Already!

Cacao Ceremony
Ancient ways of Remembrance
Sacred Elements
Awakening Senses
Flower Blessing
Fire Cleansing
Sound healing
Breath work
and so much more of the Unknown!

More details will come out closer to date.
Save the date.
June 18th!
Little sisters welcome.
Working details for our families, our brothers and children need attention as well.
Let’s us see the Beauty of Life and live in Harmony as a Symphony of Love!

Dm to register and save the date! Email leefitlife333@gmail.com

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Thank you Brothers for gathering and connecting to help align our energy fields. We gather around the Sacred Fire to connect deeper with our ancestors, as we open a bridge between worlds, opening portals, shining light on truth, allowing to be a vessel for Spirit.

Cacao Ceremony
Sacred Fire
Ancient Songs

Opening Senses

Letting go

Remembering We Are One!
Guiding each other Home.
Home is within.
Home is all around.

Supported By:
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Email at Leefitlife333@gmail.com to register!

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Retreats & Ceremonies

Email BufoAwareness@gmail.com if you are interested.

Intake Form, Please Fill Out!

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Pictures from Retreats

Email directly as well for questions at leefitlife333@gmail.com

Email for inquiries at leefitlife333@gmail.com