Classes, Events, & Retreats Upcoming!


One Circle

This is a safe space

To feel,

To grow,

To learn,

To just be you.

I honor you all.

As you honor you,

You’re honoring all as well.


Join us Sunday, September 26th at 5pm

Sugar Land, TX

$20 Singles

$30 Families 

Email me at to RSVP


We come as One to connect deeper within our conscious state to draw awareness to what is happening within ourselves, our culture, and the whole world. 


The Universe that is within you is manifesting on the outside…what can we do to help heal those around us…

Go within and heal ourselves, so that we can heal the collective.


To inspire,

To love,

To embrace,

To embody,

To remember,

We are One.


Sisters thank you for opening and allowing the continued growth of yourself to expand to our Brothers and Children, because they are you and a reflection of you, you manifested them, you manifested all of us. So now we are here for You. 


The time is Now to show up and support those around you. To show up as a Soul instead of a human robot. We honor your infinite self as pure as you already are! Thank you for being You! As we honor you, we’re honoring the Elements of Wisdom…









One Circle Arts & Crafts 5pm-6pm

Sister Circle 6pm-7:15pm

Brother Circle 6-7:15pm

Little Ones Circle 6-7:15pm

One Circle 7:15pm-8pm









Email directly as well for questions at

📽📸 @leefitlife_evolution

Email for inquiries at