Evolution Retreat

July 22-26th, 2021 in Huntsville, Texas

Sacred Grandmother Ceremony July 23/24

Integration Healing Tools: Shamanic Awakening

I welcome you on this journey of self discovery of an EVOLUTION, in honor of your true infinite nature! In honoring yourself, you are honoring Mother Earth and all of the elements of nature and the universe. When we become balanced it’s easier to handle some of life’s hard moments. This journey is for those who are ready to separate a life of duality and live a life of divinity, finding your dharma; life’s purpose for you, balancing and learning how to move with your energy and others, healing, cleansing and learning integration, enhancing, awakening, and calming tools to help you be more aware on your divine path gateway.

I have noticed that we, as a collective, have lost our connection with Mother Earth, Nature, Father Sky, the soil, the wind, the water, the fire! Over time it has been taken away from us, hidden, forbidden, or lost, and only a few know how to harness these powers of the natural elements. This immersive weekend will be an intense learning experience to connect back with Nature that heals you as a respectable honor to who and what brings you life and how you honor yourself, others, your community, and your culture by connecting to what gives you life. This is a chance to EVOLVE into your highest calling and connect with Mother Earth again, as we give praise to this life we live every day.

Awakening your 9 shamanic Gifts!:

Have you ever had the power of any of these shamanic gifts?️

The 9 Shamanic Gifts:
1. Clairvoyance “clear seeing”
2. Clairaudience “clear hearing”
3. Clairsentience “clear sensing”
4. Clairsentinence “clear feeling”
5. Claircognizance “clear knowing”
6. Automatic Writing (Psychography)
7. Xenoglossia (Speaking in Tongue) 
8. Irradiation (physical movements by spirit/unknown)
9. Incorporation “embodiment” ️

Ask yourself do you have multiple gifts?! 

What is a shamanic gift that you once had and is now lost?

Remember, remember, remember, you are a bright white light! There is no darkness that can overcome you! If you let and allow darkness to enter your body, to enter your energetic field, to enter into your words, the only thing that can cast out that darkness is light! ️

Make sure that you are focusing on the bright light that you are! You are a powerful being that can connect with your spiritual self and tap in to the true magical powers that you have! We all have special gifts to show the world, to show our friends and family, to share and show our gifts, to be vulnerable, to allow others to show and shine their gifts!

You have powerful gifts that you need to show the world, do not let the darkness overcome your gifts! ️

If you need help unlocking those special gifts to help show and shine your full potential to the world, to this universe, to the present and future, to your ancestors, to your spiritual plane, to your prodigies, sign up for this retreat if you’re ready to start your journey into your true power of light! ️

What are Chakras?:

Chakras are energy vortex points on your body and around your body. 7 main chakras are connected to your glands. Your glands control how your hormones are released into your body, which controls a lot in what you do, how you feel, and how you act or react in life to people and to yourself. When you feel out of balance, having pain, disease, over-active energy, anything not feeling right, it’s usually an indicator that your chakras are not balanced or aligned. We will go over these in full detail during retreat and I will teach you what yoga poses, qi gong movements, foods, oils, mudras, and mantras to use to balance yourself.

What to Expect:

Thursday, July 22nd –

  • Opening Ceremony 10a
  • Tantra, Kundalini, & Qi Gong, Integration Tools
  • Yoga, Breathing Techniques, Meditation, & Chanting
  • Dinner Provided

Friday, July 23rd-

  • Morning Yoga, Meditation, Breathing Techniques, & Chanting
  • Breakfast Provided
  • Masseuse Available: Pre-Register
  • Shamanic Gifts Workshop & Awakening
  • Lunch Provided
  • Chakra Workshop & Balancing
  • Dinner Provided
  • Energy Cleansing
  • Sacred Grandmother Ceremony 10p

Saturday, July 24th

  • Morning Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, Breathing Techniques, & Chanting
  • Breakfast Provided
  • Energy Cleansing
  • Masseuse Available: Pre-Register
  • Lunch Provided
  • Connecting with Elements
  • Cupping Therapy
  • Dinner Provided
  • 10pm Sacred Grandmother Ceremony

Sunday, July 25th

  • Connecting with Elements, Qi Gong
  • Breakfast Provided
  • Meditation, Healing, Cleansing, Sound Therapy
  • Integration & Counseling Therapy
  • Lunch Provided
  • Transcendental Meditation
  • Nature Therapy
  • Dinner Provided

Monday, July 26th

  • Cleansing Meditation Morning, Sound Therapy
  • Energy Healing & Counseling
  • Breakfast Provided
  • Connecting with the land
  • Chakra Chanting, Kundalini, Meditation, Breathing Techniques
  • Lunch Provided
  • Energy Healing & Counseling
  • Closing Circle 1pm


All vegan, organic, & light food menu with juicing options. Diet needs to be light foods to keep up with the energy healing tools we are working with in our bodies.

Educational nutritional workshop during meals provided.

E-mail any known allergies or medical conditions that we should know about.

A specific list for preparing for this week for your nutrition will be emailed to you when you sign up.

A Little About Me:

Life’s journey has brought and Evolutionary change in me to help heal and be in service to others. I have noticed that we often go through life holding onto our traumas and pains and this creates diseases in our body; a disease that hurts our bodies physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We have to go through this experience of life recognizing everything of where it has brought us to now, to acknowledge the here and now, to actively heal during hard times, to see the elements of nature support you, Evolve and Awaken your true power within you to unlock your stored energy potential that will serve your life’s purpose.

I found many healing tools along the way of my life growing up, everything had led me to this moment. During middle school and high school I found the help & healing from group and individual therapy for years, from experiencing sexual, physical, and emotional abuse in my relationships one after the other and in turn started to emotionally and physically abuse myself. The only problem I found with western medicine, is that they labeled me with a medical condition and gave me a concoction of medications to take from the age of 12-17. I hadn’t realized all the damage this medication had done to my entire body over the years, not to mention the birth control injections and other vaccines for women that started to effect my immune system and bone health…after marriage, 3 kids, and divorce…all of these life changing events fueled me to better my health for me, my children, my present and future, and everything I had dreamed of became true in my reality. I stopped living a life of duality and lived my dharma. After gaining over 100 lbs. from my first pregnancy…I found more strength in myself than I thought I had. I found yoga, meditation, and all mindful healing practices. I’ve going through trainings constantly for the last 7 years, and my entire soul feels amazing now. I feel more connected emotionally, physically, and spiritually, than I have before. You can access all of your Shamanic Gifts without the use of plant medicine, although I believe if you are looking for deep healing, spiritual awakening, enhancing of your shamanic gifts, shadow work, getting rid of illusions or blockages, or even manifesting, and creating an Evolutionary change in yourself, plant medicine is there for you to connect with on a deeper spiritual level. I found the courage to help others as I stepped into my true power, this is my service to you. The tools I’ve learned from the best in Houston and around the world, I give to you.

Let’s Evolve Together.

I have been working with plant medicine for the last 15 years. Healing from taking western medicine such as; anti- depressants and anti-anxiety medications since 2008. I’ve experienced outer body experiences, dove deep into opening my 9 shamanic gifts over the last 18 years of my life. Plant medicine has helped heal me from addictions, blockages, illusions, limiting beliefs, and expanding a higher consciousness level of awareness, so that I can heal myself and others. Learning yoga, meditation, and energy tools and techniques has helped me to harness my power to help share this medicine. I share with you. For the last 2 years I have fully immersed myself in plant medicine to Evolve, Learn, Change, and Grow. I felt the Evolution of myself as I grew to love myself more and more. As we draw near, the Evolution of change is within you, we Awaken now.

List of Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Applied Sciences Photography/ Multi-Media Design, Art Institute of Houston, 2013 – DBA 2013 

BA in Education EC-6, Houston Community College, 2014 

Memorial Elementary- Visually Impaired Class 2014-2015

Hua Xia Chinese school- 2014-2016 English and Art Teacher

Buddhist Meditation trained for 2 years by Li Huang at Chung Tai Zen Center of Houston. Taught children’s meditation for 1 year afterwards at Chung Tai Zen Center with Shifu Li.

Graduated from 200 RYT Life Power YTT (Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Yin/Surrender, Be/Meditation, Chair Yoga, Partner Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Flow, Flow Guided, Root, Fire  in December 2017. 

My continuing education:  September 30th- October 28th 2018 with 16 CECE toward Yoga Alliance, training in: power vinyasa, psychology behind power yoga, modifications/adjustments for pregnancy or injuries, and Baptiste Yoga.

Completed with April Fort Training for Grand Opening at Baybrook Lifetime, 3 day intensive, November 2018. SOL training and certified October 2019.

Completed in March 2019 my Buti Yoga Certification with Susan White, Master Trainer! Attended Buti Master Class with Bizzie Gold and Acosia Red Elk, April 2019. My dream and I achieved it!

300 Hr training including Crystal Yoga, SUP (stand up paddle board) yoga, Advanced Sequencing, Aerial Yoga Level 1 & 2, Kids & Prenatal Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga. 2019

200 hr Baptist Vinyasa training 2019 Crystal Yoga 

Taught six 200 hour teacher trainings 2018- 2020

NASM certified Nutritionist. Specialized in plant based. July 2020

300 hr certificate Yoga. Psyche. Soul for Mental health with Ashley Turner. LMFT, Foundations of Yoga, meditation, neuroscience, depth psychology, and shadow work. Trauma informed yoga. 

October 10, 2020

White Tiger QiGong – 8 trigrams, elements of nature, 5 animal qigong, January 2021-pending, Master Tevia Feng 

Certified relationship coach. Loveology University 500 hrs. Dr. Ava Cadall February 2021

About Sarah!:

Sarah will be helping with Integration Counseling

As she tried to cope with a chaotic home-life, Sarah turned to drugs and alcohol at an early age. While growing up, Sarah struggled with mental health- battling intense anxiety, depression, and self-destructive patterns. While coming out of a crippling addiction in 2014, Sarah found the transformative power of Yoga and experienced a full-blown Kundalini Awakening. This event completely changed the way Sarah perceived life and marked the beginning of her spiritual path. However, she was not yet equipped with the appropriate integration tools to fortify the spiritual growth that Kundalini provided. As a result of not integrating properly, she soon fell back into the negative spiral of addiction, becoming homeless and losing everything she held dear. Throughout this 14-month period, Sarah experienced profound suffering- not just in herself but others as well. She saw firsthand the pain and mental deterioration that can come from PTSD, addiction, depression, loss, self-harm, crippling injuries, and a myriad of other mental health issues. It was during this time that Sarah set an intention to better herself so that in turn she could help others better themselves as well.

Over time, Sarah was able to pull herself out of homelessness and even go back to school, gaining a B.A. in Philosophy with an emphasis in Cognitive Science and Consciousness. While in school Sarah fell back in love with yoga and found the healing power of plant medicine. It was through yoga and plant medicine that Sarah was able to work through her internal struggles in a holistic way, without the aid of pharmaceuticals or western medicine. She also began studying metaphysics in the hermetic tradition at the Modern Mystery School and was soon initiated into the lineage of King Solomon. These healing modalities enabled Sarah to recalibrate her body and mind as well as reconnect with the intention she set years prior- to be a beacon of hope in helping others along their own healing journeys.

It is now Sarah’s greatest passion to share her unique skill set with others so that they might also experience the benefits of deep healing for the body, mind, and spirit.



✨Kambo Practitioner through Tribal Detox

✨Initiate of the Modern Mystery School

Payment Options:

Early Bird Price:

Payment made before July 15th get $200 off! Applies to 5 day Retreat

Payments plans available, Discounts for Couples


$500 to Reserve your Space- Non Refundable, Can be used on another retreat.


A. $1,600 for 5 Days with Ceremony ($1,000 Retreat, $500 Ceremony, Camping & Food $100)

B. $2,750 For a Couple for 5 Days with Ceremony ($400 off) ($1,000 Retreat Ea, $1,000 Ceremony, Camping & Food $150) ($3,150)

C. $1,100 For 3 Days without Ceremony ($1,000 Retreat, Camping & Food $100)

D. $2,020 For a Couple for 3 Days without Ceremony ($100 off) ($1,000 Retreat Ea., Camping and Food $120)($2,120)

2. Two Nights Camping: (Integration Techniques Learning Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Included)

E. $750 ($500 Ceremony, $200 Integration Techniques & Cleansing, & Food $50)

3. ONE Community 4 Person Bunk Room Available Inside:

F. $1,700 Each Person for 5 Days with Ceremony ($1,000 Retreat, $500 Ceremony, $200 Bedroom & Food)

G. $1,200 Each Person for 3 Days without Ceremony ($1,000 Retreat, $200 Bedroom & Food)

Additional Plant Medicine Ceremonies (Separately Paid)


Scheduled Masseuse Available by Request (Registration Required, Paid Separately)

3 Day & 5 Day Retreat also Includes by Lee Haines:

-Chakra Healing Ebook and in hand Book with a Quick Chakra Reference Healing Guide

-Self Love Healing Journal

-Handouts Meditation, Qi Gong, Breathing Techniques, and more

-Juicing Options & Nutrition Classes

-Aerial Silks & Hammocks Private Lessons

-Crystal Bracelet & Incense Gift Box

To register for this retreat email me at leefitlife333@gmail.com

More details will be provided when you register. feel free to Ask any questions you may have.

Payment plans available upon request.

*Subject to Change

Extra Experiences

Benefits of Aerial Yoga:

Deepens stretches.

Relieves joint pressure and spinal compression that floor workouts can trigger.

Releases tension.

Increases balance and proprioception (bodily awareness)

Enhances core strength.

Improves breath awareness.

Easier access to inverted postures.

Releases endorphins.

Short-term relief from back pain, sciatica, and scoliosis.

Improved spinal health.

Increased flexibility.

To register for this retreat email me at leefitlife333@gmail.com

More details will be provided when you register. feel free to Ask any questions you may have.

Payment plans available upon request.

*Subject to Change