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If you’re interested in getting those awesome before and after photos from when you started your very first day of your fitness journey or those awesome yoga poses you want to show off!, or you want some boudoir photos; enjoying the #selflove you’re giving to yourself, or you want some pictures with your loved ones for any occasion; I am here to help you with your needs. I love fine art, photography, film, expressing my creativity through the camera lens. I love natural light as much as possible, but I still know how to set up a really good studio with professional light set ups.

I went to the Art Institute of Houston, graduated 2012, BA in Applied Sciences, my major was Photography. Minor: Art History and Film. I have always loved taking pictures. I remember the little kodiak cameras, and using film, developing the film and the little cameras was so much fun. When I was 17 my parents bought me Canon Rebel Xti and I lived in Utah at the time. My love for nature and photography were a match made in heaven. I had the time of my life taking photos there, amazing sunsets and seasons changing. Now that I am a full time yoga teacher and mom, I love taking pictures of yoga poses and beautiful art, making the poses and body as art, using my creative expression as an outlet.

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