Gofundme Water for Seri Tribe!

Water a Life Giving Force

A’ho my name is Lee Haines, I have no name, I am no one, and nothing, Everything and all at once. I am here to represent the Earth, Consciousness, Life, Existence, Bufo, Sacred Earth Medicines, and the Seri Tribe. I am a Bufo Facilitator and a part of a church named Yoosh Quii Yakoo. This church is aligned with the Seri tribe in the Senora Desert of Mexico, protected and aligned with Spiritual and Religious Practices that align you with Source. We hold sacred ceremonies that help release whatever is needed to align with the forces of the Universe. As a facilitator, I was not initially initiated through the Seri Tribe. Bufo kept telling me to go to the Source and give back everything they have given you. In this synchronistic world, I thought it was almost impossible to go there and make the connection. When I prayed for this connection, the Universe provided me with an ample amount of people that were aligned with my beliefs of helping the world to grow in Harmony.

Through this I found out that the people are living in extremely poor conditions, with not much food, and no water system. The church helped to build a water system several years ago, to filter their water supply so they can have clean water. Water is a life giving force element, that is our birth right to have. Through this the church has helped to re-do their piping system, helped build a church, given them clothes, shoes, cars, and anything they can to help them with their quality of life, connected with the Earth still, and not colonizing their way of Being.

I have built a team of about 25 people to go to the village to give back! We are all on a mission of LOVE! This tribe helps the entire world to live in Harmony, from a state of mind, being, and through consciousness, while they are living in conditions that are not safe or healthy to continue, their lineage, knowledge, and people are dying out. It’s time to Rise Up, WAKE UP, and GIVE Back, to the people who are supporting so many others out there.

Our mission is to bring 2-3 Kangen Water machines to give them the cleanest and purest water that exists here. This water will help prevent disease, help their quality of life from the inside to the outside. We are also taking donations to build them a school so that their language does not die out, and that it thrives! These ancient chants and songs are the Beauty of Life.

We are all packing our bags, with clothes for all ages, toiletries, diapers, feminine products, shoes, and more for when we go to give back.

We leave June 28th! We have 3 teams going to give. Please donate what you can to help this village of families, just like us here, who deserve clean water at their fingertips. We live a beautiful quality of life. Water loves to move, be shared in love, and the blessings from Spirit will give back 10 fold, without asking for anything in return. Let go, to receive more. Thank you for giving with your heart. Thank you Infinitely. May we always remember, WE ARE ONE! One being, One Consciousness, One World, One Universe, all Connected Beings of Ancient Light, we always have been, so lets start and continue the Path to Harmony in a Symphony of Love.
Hare Krishna

This is a little more information for what is needed in this community. If you would like to learn more I can connect you with people directly to give back to this tribe! Email for more information at bufoawareness@gmail.com



Derived from a participatory community diagnosis and planning process carried out in 2012 and subsequently updated in a total of 605 needs and problems have been documented of the Comcaac town of Punta Chueca, which are listed organized in a total of 27 Categories or Areas.


Derived from a participatory community diagnosis and planning process carried out in 2012 and subsequently updated in a total of 43 needs and problems of the Comcaac people of Punta Chueca on the subject of WATER.

1. Priority attention is urgently needed to the needs and problems associated with the water supply for Punta Chueca

2. Sometimes there is no drinking water in Punta Chueca for up to six weeks when the desalination plant fails

3. It is urgent that the new desalination plant be completely finished, operating and functional. 4. A definitive solution to the water problem

needed 5. The lack of water causes health problems

6. The lack of water increases the risk of COVID-19

7. It is urgent to find and drill a well nearby to supply Punta Chueca 8. It is A complementary supply is urgently required with at least two 10,000-liter water tankers per day for the 197 homes in Punta Chueca, by CONAGUA, CEA AND AGUA DE HERMOSILLO until the new desalination plant is finished, operating and functional.

9. It is necessary to design and implement a water supply plan with a combined Pipas scheme and a daily desalination plant, while the expansion or renovation of the plant is completed 10. It is urgent to explore the potential of wells near Punta Chueca without pretexts 11. The economic cost should not be a reason not to carry out the search, prospecting and drilling of a special well for punta chueca, because the governments have invested large amounts, in the order of tens of millions of pesos, in drainage works in Bahía de Kino, and Michael German.

12. Find, drill and operate a water well for Punta Chueca to provide a definitive solution to the water problem

13. Three years after Q4, a well project for Punta Chueca has not even been outlined. six-year period without addressing the historical lack of water.  

14. Punta Chueca urgently needs a complementary supply of pipes from the municipality, the State Government and CONAGUA.

15. Punta Chueca does not have its own pipe or tanker truck

16. The desalination plant continually breaks down

17. The desalination plant fails and Punta Chueca runs out of water

18. There is no pressure when the desalination plant sends water to the town

19. Possibly the network is obstructed  

20 Technicians are needed to check the network and the water intakes

21. It is required to send technicians to check the hydraulic network to address low pressure and possible obstruction

22. Pumping water from the desalination plant to the houses lasts very little

23. The Punta Chueca pipe network is in poor condition



24. People cannot grab enough, or grab very little when the desalination plant rules 25. There is no piped water service in homes, older adults need to use buckets

26. There are houses that are not connected to the water network

27. There are new houses that are not connected to the to the water network

28. There are neighborhoods where the hydraulic network does not reach

29. There are homes that require repair of the water intake in their homes 30. It is necessary to fix the domestic water intakes in 197 homes in PCH and also in the outlet around 130 homes

31. There are homes that require Rotoplas to have storage capacity, with an automatic system and a float

32. It is urgent to Manage domestic Rotoplas tanks to store water in the homes 33. It is necessary to help families to have an automatic supply system with float to capture and pressurized domestic use, possibly solar and domestic 12v pump

34. It is necessary to equip the houses with pressurized water to improve the quality of life, domestic use, by domestic pump or elevated community water tank

35. There are homes where they occur leaks due to lack of adequate installation in the water intake and mechanisms to stop the flow when the domestic reservoir is filled 36. A res a water reservoir large enough with the capacity to give the community resilience to withstand eventual periods of lack of water without affecting the quality of life of the inhabitants.

37. The community of Punta Chueca needs large capacity water tanks, elevated tanks or reservoir batteries in each community to have resilience and water supply in case of failures

38. It is required to list, map and count the houses without piped water in the community 39 It is required Ask the water activists for their population census in PCH. 40. It is necessary to manage a project to extend the hydraulic network of Punta Chueca and Desemboque

41. The perception of the population is that feces from other parts are worth more to governments than the original Comcaac population because they do not invest in solving the issue of water

42. It is known that both the Government of the State of Sonora and the Municipality want to build four-lane highways between Hermosillo and Bahía de Kino, however water in Punta Chueca is more urgent and less expensive

43. Climate change affects the underground water sources of the comcaac territory

Community of Desemboque

• Sometimes the water well fails

• The hydraulic network of the outlet fails and often there is no water in the houses or there is no pressure • It is necessary to rehabilitate or repair the well-community of Desemboque hydraulic network




Derived from a process Diagnosis and participatory community planning carried out in 2012 and subsequently updated in a total of 41 needs and problems of the Comcaac people of Punta Chueca on the subject of HEALTH have been documented. 

1. There is no pediatrician in the community 

2. It is necessary to provide security to the doctors who attend the health center 3. There is no doctor in the afternoons, at night or on weekends in Punta Chueca 4. There is no emergency care 

5. The Health Center does not work properly 

6. The supply and availability of water must be ensured in the community Health Center 7. There are not enough or necessary medicines in the Health Center 

8. Sometimes medicine is needed in the health center 

9. It is required to supply medicines to the Health Center. (DIF Hermosillo) 10. The population suffers from the following diseases: Diabetes, Cholesterol. High and low blood pressure, obesity, malnutrition, vision problems, uric acid, anemia, kidney problems, dental problems, skin problems, there are patients who need hemodialysis, tuberculosis, rickettsia, among others. 

11. It is known that there must be at least 58 disabled people with motor, hearing, visual, ophthalmic, mental problems, among others 

12. There is no ambulance in Punta Chueca 

13. The Red Cross station does not work 

14. There are patients and emergencies that require be transferred outside the community, in times of urgency 

15. There are no lifeguards or red cross in Punta Chueca 

16. Hearing aids 

17. Glasses 

18. Wheelchairs 

19. Walkers 

20. are neededorthopedic canes 

21. Adult diapers are needed 

22. There are people who need prostheses, splints, crutches, others. 

23. Clinical analyzes are required 

24. There is no assistance from the municipal and State DIF 

25. A visual health care day 

26. Lens delivery days are required for the population with visual problems 27. Students need eye exams sight in students 

28. Students need glasses 

29. A day of clinical analysis 

30. A day of care for chronic diseases 

31. A day of dental care 

32. Courses on ophidic accidents, bites are required of snake