Fit Foods

I offer some readily available vegan/plant-based foods for a small fee. I offer delivery options and buying in bulk options. Let me help you continue your plant-based journey or start out your journey with these awesome treats!

Going vegan doesn’t mean that your food will taste bad! I’ve tried many recipes over the years and I have learned what works best and what does not, so that you don’t have to go through all the trouble of trying new recipes. Enjoying some protein bars for quick on the go lives, and some banana bread, to enjoy with your family or just yourself as a treat!

Rectangle Bars – $5 (Large)


Circle Bars – $4 (Medium), $3 (Small), $1 (Mini’s)

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Banana Breads – $15 (Medium), $20 (Large)


If you have any allergies please let me know. I can substitute anything out.

Everything is made from plant-based ingredients.

Gluten Free options available.

Payments can be made by paypal, cash app, Zelle, cash, or check.

Email me at for any questions.