New Mexico Retreat: Root & Bloom

Root & Bloom!

May 13-16th, 2021

Inga and I, Lee, have decided to make a retreat that is an open space for women to come together to learn and to grow their consciousness. So often, we find ourselves in a stagnant and stuck position in life, if you feel lost, or want a recharge of energy, this is the sacred space you have been waiting for. We gladly invite you to the magical mountains in New Mexico. We will have daily yoga and meditations based on self love and energy healings, a badass Buti Yoga Master Class, cave exploration, a full vegan/vegetarian menu, juicing detox days, full support and love from your close divine feminine community. We would love to have you on this healing retreat with us to explore the roots of your ancestors, and grow to blooming in a new, more conscious, lighter self, of strengthened awareness.

About the Retreat

Be present, be here, be now…

Expand your consciousness, your spirituality and your physicality through not only your meditation and disconnecting from your regular daily routine and obligations…but also through engaging and being present with and within a secluded natural paradise, through digging deep into both your inner child and inner warrior goddess. We’re going cave exploring, labyrinth walking, embodying meditations, and so much more!

We’re going out of our comfort zones, making unforgettable soulful connections, through laughing, crying, loving, and having fun! We welcome you to an open and Sacred Space for you to feel and move in how you want to. We embrace you unconditionally as you from our hearts. We welcome you!

We have a nutritionist with us, to design a vegan/vegetarian meal options throughout the week. There is also a 2-3 day optional juice cleanse available fresh to the day with organic fruits and vegetables. Inga and Lee are both trained in yoga for a combined of 17 years of experience together, both know many different styles of yoga and healing modalities to share with you on this healing journey with you! Sign up Below!

Join Us

within every women there is a healer, A Lioness, a wild warrioress, a priestess, a goddess. never forget that. give yourself wings!


Divine Spaces Available


Days/Nights Retreat


Early Bird- Due Before April 13th, 2021


1 Time Payment Plan

Come explore your roots & bloom together!

Let’s go on a retreat together. By, retreat, we mean E X P A N S I O N.

Only 6 Spaces Available!

Root & Bloom Retreat in New Mexico, May 13-16th, 2021 


There has never been a better time than right now, to get closer to yourself. To find out more of what blockages need to be cleared… Give yourself permission to blossom into the amazing being that you’re becoming… Release fears, shame, guilt, lies, illusions, and allow yourself to be free!

Embrace the divine warrior goddess within you…

Open yourself to love, encouragement, acceptance, opulence & the embodiment of your ancestors… Expand your connection to mind, body, & spirit through:

-Disconnection from your everyday routine & obligations 

-Engaging & being present within a secluded natural rustic paradise

-Nurturing your inner child while releasing your inner warrior goddess

-Stepping out of your comfort zone

-Making unforgettable connections

-Laughing, crying, loving, having fun… basically making s p a c e.

All while feeling safe and supported by: Light Workers/Yoga Instructors Lee Haines (@leefitlife) & Inga Raquel Seals (@yoga.goddess420)

  • 4 Days/3 Nights Retreat in Estancia, New Mexico
  • Transportation to/from airport
  • Vegan/Vegetarian Provided Meals
  • Optional Organic Juice Bar
  • Daily Yoga & Meditation Practices
  • Buti Yoga Master Class
  • Labyrinth Meditation
  • Hiking
  • Cave Exploring
  • Sound Therapy
  • Reiki & Chakra Healing
  • Goddess Circle
  • Ancestral Root Healing
  • Crown Higher Self Blooming

Not Included: Flight to Albuquerque, NM

Free Gift: Self Love Journal Ebook, Chakra Healing Ebook, and Self Love Healing Ebook


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“To love more”

“Your energy controls any room you are in, inspiring always to push hard in our limitations, to be better, to love more. That’s my take after a couple of classes with you.”


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Freedom to Express”

“My first yoga class was with Lee, and I haven’t stopped doing yoga since! Amazing teacher for body and soul! There’s so much freedom you feel when you take her class! Freedom to express and connect with yourself.”


Rating: 4 out of 5.

“Light in my Life”

“You have been a light in my life, just a breath of fresh air honestly. You have shown me that the life I want to create for myself if possible. You’re so cool! And beautiful inside and out, I love hanging out with you and always look forward to coming to your class.”


Details About Retreat

Itinerary will come out 2 weeks before Retreat.

4 Days/3 Nights Retreat: 6 Women Only

Shared room in an Amazing Yurt, all have own bed.

3 Vegan/Vegetarian Meals a Day, 2-3 Day Juicing Available Upon Request.

Send allergy list and diet restrictions to Email

Daily Yoga/Meditations

Buti Yoga Master Class

Cave Exploring: Carlsbad Caverns & Hiking

Sound Therapy

$850 Early Bird Price- Paid on/before April 13, 2021

$888 One Time Payment Plan- Covers all retreat

$500 Deposit Due for any Payment Plan. Deposit is non-refundable, can be used on future retreats.

Remainder of payment is due 30 Days after 1st Payment/Deposit.

Will work with you on different payment plans if needed. Email

3 Payments Plan: Total of $999 ($333 for 3 payments)

Special Payment Plans available upon request. Email

All parties are subject to their own transportation/flights of getting to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Transportation to and from airport included.

Covid 101, please be aware of yourself…

If you are feeling sick, showing symptoms of Corona, or have been exposed to someone who has Corona Virus,

please wait and come to the next retreat. We will honor your payments.

Must sign liability waiver to come on retreat.

Pictures of Retreat Location & Exploring New Mexico

Come travel with us to New Mexico! Feel the vortex of high energy as it clears away blockages and fears! Shining light on to the amazing goddess that you are! Inga and I, Lee are here to help guide you through your journey of self love healing, conscious living, and deep emotional connection within yourself and with others. Sign up below! If you have any questions at all, please send an email to Thank you for joining us on this journey!